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Operating System Battle in the Ecosystem of the Smartphone Industry

Smartphones are catching up in the smartphone operating system market in terms of market share. The difference between Apple’s iOS and Android is that iOS is the only OS that can be used on a regular laptop. Thus, if companies are to create commercial applications, they must use an OS that can be accessed on laptops. Android, on the other hand, is forbidden to touch screen mobile phones such as Smartphones. While Android has emerged as a distinct platform for mobile devices, there are still several differences between the two.


This is where companies who wish to develop an OS based on Android will have their work cut out for them. Smartphones from a different manufacturer such as Samsung can run other operating systems. This is why companies need to select from a mobile device that has good operating system support. There are many advantages to the use of Android as compared to iOS. Some of these advantages are discussed below:


In the case of smartphones, the operating system is the software that runs on the hardware. There are three different operating systems available, namely, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. These three systems are very similar in how they allow access to various features such as text messaging, the internet, email, and so forth. However, Android is said to be better as it is said to be more versatile. It is believed that Android offers a better multitasking experience as compared to iOS and BlackBerry.

increase in Android’s popularity

With the increase in Android’s popularity, there has been a massive demand for phones’ operating systems. Many developers in the world claim to have developed the perfect operating system for phones. However, there are differences between the different operating systems. The differences include:

  • The ease of use.
  • The level of memory capacity.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Running speed, and so forth.


In the case of Android, the OS is based on the Linux kernel, which has been modified and adapted to work on Android devices. It is widely used in the smartphone market. Samsung has been using the Android operating system for its mobiles since its inception. However, this does not mean that other manufacturers follow suit and develop their phones using the Android operating system.


One significant difference between iOS and Android phones is the level of privacy. Apple devices have always provided an environment where individuals can do what they want and do not have to share what they want with others. On the other hand, Android devices present users with a different scenario. They have specific applications that collect information about the user, like contacts and the likes. Therefore, Android phones are more secure as compared to iPhones.

custom mobile phone OS

Apple users can choose to have a custom mobile phone OS, which is based on their choice. However, they cannot wholly modify the OS as Apple has total control over the OS. On the other hand, mobile phone users can choose between iOS and Android operating systems. The first option provides the user with a customized mobile phone. The second option gives them access to larger storage space and additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, faster internet connectivity, and the like.


Operating system battles continue to rage in the market. The winner will be the one who can make more money and provide users with better devices that cater to their needs. However, these are just speculations. The market is too large for one company to dominate the entire market and become the dominant player.

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